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Makeup Look of the Day

Hello everyone! Today's blog post will be about my makeup look for the day. I am affiliated with a brand called Blend it Like Becker, it is a fairly new brand but it has some amazing products! The founder of Blend it Like Becker is Carly Becker, she is a sweetheart yall. Blend it Like Becker offer mini eyeshadow palettes as well as full eyeshadow cheek palettes and also lipsticks and glosses. Her website has not yet launched but when she does I will be sure to do a separate blog post about it with the website. If any of you are subscribed to me on YouTube you will find two videos where I did an unboxing of the products and swatches of the products. If you are not subscribed to me here are the links, please check them out to see how pretty the products are and . In the unboxing video there is a link to a website that she once was selling her products but she is no longer using that site. I will give you all the official link and my discount code once her acutal, official website is done. On my lips today I am wearing L'oreal Paris Matte Liquid Lipstick in the color Cowboy. This is my first time wearing this color and I absolutely love it. I did not know how it was going to look because I am a person who likes to stay with dark or neutral tone lipsticks and glosses. I did a full face today but I have not figured out the whole highlighting and contouring thing yet so I will be back with another blog post and YouTube video once I get that down packed. For my look today I used:the Attention Detail mini eyeshadow palette, A transition color from my BH Cosmetics 2nd Edition eyeshadow palette, Avon liquid eyeliner pen, L.A Girl masacra, e.l.f. cream eyeliner on my bottom line, Mary Kay mineral powder foundation, L'oreal Paris Matte Liquid Lipstick in the color Cowboy, Broadway eyebrow pencil, and e.l.f Finishing spray. I did a simple look for today but I will be doing more dramatic looks later on in the week. I hope you all enjoy or like my makeup look for today. What is your favorite makeup look, simple or dramatic?


  1. I really like this look on you. It’s very simple yet sexy. I’m a busy Mom of 5 so I love being able to doll myself up without looking excessive. Your smoky eye is a perfect day/night time look and your eyeliner is perfect (I’m jealous!).

  2. Thank you :) it took a lot of practice for me to get the eyeliner trick down packed. Thanks for reading 💜

  3. You are absolutely gorgeous! You killed it

    1. Thanks Love :) I appreciate you reading my post!


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