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10 Things About Me

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Today I am going to tell you all a few things about me that most people do not know about it. I think that it is a good way for my reader to get to know me and learn a little more about me. My previous posts probably has gave you some insight on my personality, but I want you all to learn more about me. I am also thinking about doing a full blog post about me, my life, and other things in that area. Today I am only going to list 10 things about me. Lets get started!

1. I hate to sprinkle/pour ketchup over my french fries. I prefer to have my ketchup on the side.

2. I am scared of mushrooms. Yes you read that right lol.

3. I love to be alone binge watching things on Netflix.

4. My favorite color is black.

5. I do not like parties. (Grown people parties, clubbing, etc.)

6. I am not a fan of alcoholic beverages.

7. Chimes from Grandfather clocks and Cuckoo clocks make me cringe.

8. I do not like being in places with very large crowds.

9. I love to write.

10. I hate chocolate cake.

I have shared a few things about me with you all. Be on the look out for a full blog post about myself, my life, and other things in that nature! Are there some things that we have in common? What are a few things about you that no one really knows about?


  1. girl, im right with you on the chocolate cake! im not a fan of chocolate that much. vanilla vanilla vanilla!

  2. Don't like chocolate cake?! I don't think we can be friends lol. But agree on alcohol, writing and parties ;)

    1. Lol weird I know. But I am glad we have a few things in common

  3. Girl me too! Chocolate cake is NO good! I might use this idea and tag you in my blog feature!

  4. My favorite color is black too :) What do you like to watch on Netflix?

    1. I love the Riverde series and American Horror Story

  5. We are so alike! 1-6 are LITERALLY ME. I giggled reading them, because I was like, "wait...did I write this? this sounds like me!"
    I love the idea of doing facts about you that people most likely don't know. :)

    Holly from ThriveOnSimplicity.Wordpress (It would'nt verify credentials for some reason) :(

    1. Haha! I am glad to know we share the same qualities. 😊

  6. I love chocolate anything...but ketchup all over anything 🤢lol


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