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What Kind of Blogger are You?

I have been wondering what kind of bloggers do I have in my audience for some time now so I figured I would make a post asking the question; What kind of blogger are you? I am a lifestyle and beauty blogger. I love anything that has something to do with beauty. I also love making lifestyle posts. When I get a better camara I am going to start doing lifestyle vlogs. I will include what my life is like on a daily basis and other things like that. As of now I am currently using my iPhone which has been doing some justice but I really want to upgrade to a high quality digital camera. I chose to be a beauty and lifestyle blogger because it is a part of who I am. I love makeup, skincare, and other things in the beauty category. I like to try to find ways to enhance my natural beauty and also share those tips and prodcuts with you all. Women everywhere are always on the hunt for a good beauty product or beauty tip. I also like to tell about my life and give you all a sense of my lifestyle through the things I post. I can post about inspiration or give advice within my posts and I would hope that would give you all a little insight on the type of person that I am. I like to share things from my point of view and life experiences that I have gone through or experiencing. I love being able to help someone out or give someone a good read which is why I enjoy being able to share the things that I do with you all. I am trying to be more consistent with posting on my blog; I am aiming at posting at least 3 times a week.So, what kind of blogger are you?


  1. Hey hey! Self development blogger here!!!

  2. I always never know how to answer this question lol. I don't think I even know what a being a lifestyle blogger encompasses. I write about my experiences in academia, and relationships via family, romantically, and sometimes with my own self. But then like you, I also occasionally share a book that has been especially good to me or has raised questions lol. All that to say, I'm still trying to narrow down what my niche might be into a few words.

  3. I'm more of a life blogger. I celebrate and give awareness to life so it could focus on anything. I'm also a author and award-winning poet so some of my poems are also in my earlier posts.

  4. I am a lifestyle blogger with a fashion concentration ( if that makes sense).

  5. Hey girl hey. I consider myself a lifestyle and food blogger. As I mostly post about Pittsburgh food and events and occasionally I'll post about beauty. But as I missed the boat on all things makeup I usually stick to food and making things.

  6. Art blogger here!!! I write about my art journey so it crosses over info s lifestyle blog at times lol. My practices on being productive, staying sane and excepting growth. 💜

  7. Fashion and Lifestyle! I am currently getting a good pace going, and I will gradually post more about specific topics! Just kicked off a NYFW series, with affordable options for the trends seen on the red carpets!


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